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What is the Safest Catch Progam? 

  • Utilizing qualified commercial fishermen as Safety Advisors, it’s FISHERMEN HELPING FISHERMEN develop an on board vessel specific safety program

  • It includes TOOLS for creating and documenting safety PROCEDURES, DRILLS and SAFETY EQUIPMENT ORIENTATION

  • It’s FREE to all BC Commercial Fishermen and can help you meet regulatory compliance standards.

  • The program is NOT operated by WorkSafeBC, Transport Canada or any other regulatory agency. It’s an independent, INDUSTRY DRIVEN program

  • WE COME TO YOU! - over 3,000 FISHERMEN have participated in locations everywhere in BC

My priorities were certainly fresh from our training which helped the smooth, calm but speedy evacuation.
— James Mahon, FV Terror Point

Taught in your community, on your boat, with your crew.

and it's FREE!




The 3 main components to the Safest Catch are...

  • On board, vessel-specific safety equipment orientation
  • On board, realistic and repeatable emergency drills
  • Vessel-specific, documented emergency procedures
My crew has a better appreciation for on-board safety, as well as safety for their fellow shipmates.
— Norm Brochno, FV Pacific Spray

Fishermen helping Fishermen.




What's in it for you? 

  • FREE, vessel-based safety training from experienced commercial fishermen

  • MED A3 CERTIFICATION upon completion

  • COMPLIANCE with regulations

  • Nationally recognized SAFEST CATCH DECAL

  • USEFUL TOOLS like our Muster List and Safety Quik that help keep you and your crew organized

    Get downloadable tools here.


Be Prepared!

Knowing how to handle emergency situations is vital. Preventing them in the first place is even better. 



Additional benefits...



All Safest Catch participants receive a $50 voucher towards the purchase of a PFD 

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Vessel owners who complete the Safest Catch Program could qualify for 10% OFF their insurance premium with Nesika Insurance. 

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Receive help completing Transport Canada’s new Small Vessel Compliance Program for Fishing vessels. 

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Sea Lady Jeremy emergency kit_2.jpg


In addition to the free swag - hats and hoodies for all crew - skippers receive a free emergency ditch kit or damage control bucket.

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Get started! 

Whether you are a deckhand, skipper or owner – the Safest Catch Program is for you!

Join the over 3,000 FISHERMEN from all over BC that have made safety a priority.

Questions? CALL, TEXT or EMAIL us today!  Tel: 604.261.9700   Text: 604.729.8407 Email: